Gym Junkie

Not only have I laughed it off when Ive been warned by others suffering this same fate butI have experienced it myself, yet clearly I havnt learnt, which no doubt my wife would say is totally normal for me! Im talking about the massive insulin sensitivity you get from hitting the weights at the gym … Continue reading Gym Junkie

Type None…

So its over once again, the 2016 Ride to cure Diabetes looked so far away when I registered in July last year but it came and went in the blink of an eye, generally that happens when your having fun right? A few of us even came close to missing the plane from Perth to Adelaide, apparently gate 20 is not the same place as gate 20A and 20B, woops.
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There is one thing about D that really annoys me and I know it annoys everyone else running this version of corrupt human software…it is the unpredictable factor.

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