Knowledge is power…but too much knowledge can be dangerous

2 thoughts on “Knowledge is power…but too much knowledge can be dangerous”

  1. I’ve definitely gotten to the point of letting diabetes consume me – for me it was excessive carb counting, numbers, calculations and record sheets. Ripping them all up was the best thing I ever did. We all go through those feelings of anger and frustration and they’re just part of the job of dealing with diabetes day in day out. I too like having a good explosion and just letting it all out. Hope you get some headspace and clarity soon.

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  2. Wow. Pretty powerful stuff. On many levels. Sorry to hear about your job. That alone could be the cause of rising sugars…not to mention it’s not all daytime TV and donning aprons while holding a delicious smelling creation aloft on a platter as your wife walks in the door…who knows, right! Yes, the information download can get overwhelming. In small doses it really helps me to read other people’s journey with DM. No matter how obviously different we all are, the emotions that must be dealt with on a day to day basis because of this uninvited guest remain constant. Thanks for the post.


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