H – Eight..

Hate is a strong word but sometimes there is no alternative… I H8 that T1Diabetes mentally breaks the strongest people I know… I H8 that T1Diabetes makes a grown man cry… I H8 that T1Diabetes changes the rules on me everyday… I H8 that T1Diabetes is on my mind when I fall asleep and when … Continue reading H – Eight..

What a ride

Yes this weeks blood sugars have been like a roller coaster, not sure why but then again that is the daily life living with Type 1 Diabetes, sometimes it just does what it wants too and you just have to ride it. However the ride I am talking about, is the ride I attempted to … Continue reading What a ride

Diabetic Will Power

In one fowl swoop the days battle was over, Diabetes – 1 Me – 0. If you have ever experience low blood sugar you will remember the extreme hunger that goes with it, your body craves food mainly glucose and your brain doesn’t care where it comes from it just tells your body to take … Continue reading Diabetic Will Power


I thought about writing about this a while back but I was not sure on how to break into the story. The last few days I have been free of the entwining tubing coming from the insulin pump,┬áthe beeping and constant checking of the CGM (continuous glucose monitor) that allows me to survive, although I … Continue reading Freedom