The Diabetes Hunger Games

One thought on “The Diabetes Hunger Games”

  1. Great to find your blog today and enjoyed reading it. Ive been T1 for 28 years now and low carb for the last couple..I only wish I had tried it 28years ago as my diabetes is so much more predictable. I used to be just like you in that I could easily polish of a decent sized pantry especially if it was carb laden!. You mention that you are eating high protein and that interested me as I have found it essential to eat plenty of protein rather than relying on just fat to fill me up at meal times. I realise this is an old post but if you are able to let me know what your daily macro’s are I would be very interested. Currently Im eating 30>35% protein (% of daily cals) which works out at around 190-200g per day at the moment. Im also a keen cyclist and used to race but had to give that up as life got in the way!.


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