Time to leave the past in the past!

2 thoughts on “Time to leave the past in the past!”

  1. But Type 1 is unpreventable. When I got sponsored to work in New Zealand, my visa application got referred to the medical team and I found out it was because my blood sugar levels showed as being ‘Pre-Diabetic’. I didn’t know what that meant, I thought it was just an error or because I’d had the flu just before my blood tests – I was young, fit and healthy. The doctor who did my medical shrugged it off and said ‘people live just fine injecting insulin everyday’. I didn’t think anything of it, but nobody followed up my results. Nobody told me what they meant or what I should be careful of. I carried on my life as normal until I got full blown Type 1 with a HbA1c of 12.5% 3.5 months later!

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  2. Everyone has their what ifs that plague them. Its normal. I always wonder how I would have responded to my diagnosis had I not been hospitalised. At the time I was just really relieved to feel normal again and wasn’t too stressed about having diabetes.

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