Life down the another path

12 thoughts on “Life down the another path”

  1. This was fantastic to read. I think diabetes has helped me be much more picky and proactive with my health. The way you articulate what it’s possibly done to motivate you is really inspiring. Makes me wanna push a little harder you know? It’s really nice to be reminded that even though we’d all give up diabetes in a heartbeat, it’s still possible to appreciate aspects of the journey it’s taken us on. I think it’s awesome yours has been so positive with health and fun activity. Posts like these are the types that help me get on my treadmill and do what I gotta do. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I am glad I could inspire you with my story! Diabetes is def hard but letting it control your life is harder, work with it and experiment cause thats the only way I have survived it.


  2. Wow, I’d be in awe of your cycling even if you didn’t have diabetes. Exercise is always a struggle for me, but reading this inspires me. So thank you!


  3. Great post and motivating. I started running about two years ago and like you I often wonder if I would have started if it hadn’t been for my diabetes. I love the Bruce Lee quote too :).

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  4. An inspiring read. I hope to be able to pick up some exercise in the future and I’d never really considered cycling. It must be ten, maybe fifteen years since I attempted to ride a bike! Thank you for taking the time to share with us.

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  5. Though I exercise only minimally, I still believe living with T1 for 39 years has helped me be much healthier than I would be otherwise. I’m constantly in tune with my body, very aware of what I eat and how it makes me feel, eating healthy, whole organic foods, and make many choices to keep my diabetes in balance that are good for the rest of my health too!


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