Its a miracle!!!

No there isn’t a cure released to the public for Type 1 yet, sorry. However in the meantime I have made a personal discovery when it comes to exercise, a few other people around the world have also discovered this, although the results are inconclusive I am still impressed at what I found yesterday and with … Continue reading Its a miracle!!!

Stuck in the rut

You know those times where you have driven your life too far into that soft sand and got your self bogged, trying pointlessly to spin your wheels to get out until you finally realise you have got your stuck in a rut??? Well that’s me at the moment, I try so hard to be positive about … Continue reading Stuck in the rut

Back in the saddle

Its been nearly 20 days since I hoped on the pushy and went for a ride, not because of the cold weather I enjoy cycling in the freezing cold…NOT! If you have been reading my blogs you would know that I have changed the way I eat in order to stabilise blood sugars and prevent … Continue reading Back in the saddle