Podcast Ep 04 – Diabetes in the fast lane with April “Apes” Welsh

Episode Summary

Today I met up with Type 1 racing ninja – April Welsh at Barbagello race way in Wanneroo, Western Australia.

April “Apes” Welsh is slowly becoming a female superstar in the world of Formula Vee motor sport, living with Type 1 Diabetes most of her life, she has fought hard to earn her place. “Control diabetes and don’t let diabetes control you” is April’s motto.

We had a great chat about her life with sports & Type 1 diabetes, and how she came to become the first female to race formula Vee motor sport.

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Podcast Ep 03 – Grinding the tarmac with Neil McLagan

Episode Summary

I feel like today’s guest – Neil McLagan was made from the same material as me, we share so much in common with regards to cycling and the way we approach life and diabetes.

Neil has cycling in the blood and his passion for cycling comes out in the great things he does, last year he cycled across Australia and now he is tackling the height of Mount Everest in a single ride and all for the good of the Type 1 Diabetes community.

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Podcast Ep 02 – Fitness in the limelight with Sabrina Dee (PINked)

Episode Summary

On today’s episode, we caught up with Deeva and fitness legend – Sabrina Dee. Thanks to Kapitol Kitchen for looking after us for this episode.

Catching up with Sabrina

Sabrina puts on some kickass shows with her PINked tribute band, bouncing around the stage working on her ‘stage fitness’ but it doesn’t stop there, when she gets home its off to her local CrossFit box to power through some epic WODs (workout of the day) and even competing in CrossFit masters games.

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Podcast Ep 01 – Underwater obsessions with Bec Johnson

Episode Summary

Super excited to introduce you to Bec Johnson – CEO of the Type 1 Diabetes family centre and otherwise known in my blog as my friend ‘The Mermaid‘, she is an incredible human who really lives the #lifewithoutlimits motto smashing out long distance solo open water ocean swims, scuba diving in very remote and incredible locations, mountain biking and sailing.

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The wheels are rolling

If you hadn’t guessed from the new name of the blog or the hints I dropped in the last blog, the Munda Biddi trail is where this story is at.

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New year, new epic goals!

With the new year comes new goals and new possibilities. This year I am going to make it epic…


It has been a while since my last post but I am glad you have decided to stick around and continue following my blog, I hope it has provided some help / inspiration / laughs…

Last year I took the year off of any crazy events and endurance stuff (aside from the city to surf half marathon), this year I have a new lease on life and epic inspiration.

In case you were wondering why your suddenly following this blog called ‘The Munda-betes epic adventure’, well its still me, Kyle but the old blog trainingT1D has been renamed as I have an exciting adventure to blog about this year.

You may have guessed it already if you know me or by the title, I will provide more info in time but at the moment I just wanted to let you know why things are changing so hold onto your pancreas because this is going to be an epic adventure and my friend T1D is being dragged along for the ride…

Podcast Ep 05 – Doug Masiuk is out running diabetes

Episode Summary

Using the wonders of the internet, I connected up with USA based endurance runner – Doug Masiuk from outrundiabetes.org.

Living with Type 1 Diabetes for over 40 years has not stopped this man chasing his goals in any way, in 2012 he decided to run across the American continent, racking up some 5 and half thousand kilometres, then in 2015 after discovering the thrill of cycling he cycled across the American continent…same distance…different challenges.

Doug successfully reaching the Western Australian / South Australian border
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Day 1 wrap up – epic adventure

Wow what a day, 103km and 1500m of elevation but to be honest I am feeling ok. Tonight we are in Jarrahdale and thanks to our friends here we had nice hot showers and now sitting in front of a toastie warm fire, however today was not without its challenges and dummy spits…

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The cyclone before the storm??

So it’s here, the epic adventure is a matter of hours away, it feels like it was only yesterday that we sat down in Dome on that wet and cold Sunday morning and decided we would embark on this adventure raising funds for the Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre…but this previous week has been cyclonic and very nearly resulted in potential disaster.

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Trust in the plan?

With 21 days remaining before I set off on the Munda Biddi trail with Richard to tackle the end to end challenge of over 1000km of mountain biking through some of the South Wests awesome bush land, I am quietly freaking out – testing the D plan is simply not working for me!

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Race and season wrap up

Final race of the season and with some success

The Sunday just gone was Round 5 of the WAMBA XCO state series and for the first time in 5 rounds, not only did my blood sugar sit pretty throughout but I also finally think my riding confidence has built to a great level – hitting those rocky gardens with power and success.

But alas with 2 more rounds left in the season, round 5 would be my final race of the season.

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A Numbers Game

As much as we don’t want to admit it, we know that living with Type 1 Diabetes is a numbers game, the issue is focusing on those all important blood sugar numbers can not only take the focus off what is important in life now but also the blatantly obvious.

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